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  1. Hello Curtise,Great maxi looks and the jumpsuit too. Well done OH on winning 700 quid on a game of (loathesome) footie. I'm so pleased it's finished and Emmerdale will be back to the normal time. (don't tell anyone I watch it!) Is Ballotelli the one who hands fists full of notes out to strangers at the traffic lights??? Brilliant pun btw and tell the LB's they are a handsome brood.xxxx PS Your photo's are ace!xxxxxxx

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  3. 197WitamNie jesteś dziwna, ja mam o 4 więcej i też miałem na początku takie same wrażenia, ale z czasem to minęło im bardziej zagłębiałem się w programowanie to uzmysłowiłem sobie, że nic nie wiem na ten temat, ale to teraz pomału się zmienia i jak się okazuje nie jest, aż tak źle jak to wszystko wyglądało na początku. Nie martw się to z czasem minie.Pozdrawiam.31

  4. Thats was a wonderful vlog! I watched the whole thing. Nice to “meet” you! I liked how open you were about how you handle it all. I think its great you hired someone to help with the kids, you still get to be at home working and thats wonderful. Congrats on Pollinate Media, I am so excited for the future of it.

  5. "Eventually, you gotta get to the Big Bores, like Motorhead. ; )"And err, Motorhead was already cutting albums in '76. So, KISS was still bubble gum. Lemmy IS God.If it was Jefferson Airplane you'd be old, the Jarship were still recording when we had the Grenada FTX. "Find Your Way Back" SPANKS that "Ride the Tiger" gaiety:-)

  6. Anybody see Ben Stein whining on CNBC last night about how week Bernanke is but that it is good he finally stood up to the Hedge Funds, the speculators, yada yada yada. Like they are the reason stocks are in free fall. Has nothing to do with a recession. All a bunch of guys looking at computer screens manipulating it all. I guess those guys don’t work on days the market rises.

  7. jeje, ahora paseando por tu blog veo la coincidencia entre tu post express y mi nueva sección del blog!! si es que, con este ajetreo de vida no tenemos mas remedio que postear así!Tu peque es preciosa, para comérsela, sigue disfrutando así de ella, es lo mejor que tenemos, nuestros peques

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